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Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.
– Pablo Picasso –

The O’2Nails Printer works by printing on natural or artificial nails. Download the O’2 APP to your smart phone or tablet and connect it to the O’2Nails Printer via WiFi. Print from a selection of more than 700 carefully crafted designs or choose your favourite picture from your phone.

Released in late 2017, the SM10 is the latest Ink Cartridge by O’2 Nails to provide High Definition and Vivid Colour Nail Art Printing. Each Ink Cartridge is capable of printing an estimated 700 to 800 nails

The Print Gel is specially formulated to work together with SM10 Ink Cartridge to capture every pixel of colours. Each of the latest PG gel possesses its own unique properties, allowing individuals to create different effects on their nail art. From High Gloss to Matte, Glitter to Pearl, there are just so many ways to express your nail art, even semi-transparent.

The O’2 Nails Base Gel provides a strong foundation for your creative nail art. This is first layer to be applied after a basic manicure.  When applying on natural nail, it is important to ensure that the nail surface is free of moisture, oil and dead skin.

The Top Seal Gel is the final layer of gel that protects the nail art.